Jeff Dharmaraj

Technical Director

Technology is his forte. With an Engineering degree in Electrical Electronics, Jeff has inordinate experience as a Technical support engineer and has had the opportunity to handled tech support for many Pro Audio brands such as AVID audio, Pro tools, API, Apogee etc. While he believes in experimenting and gaining in-depth knowledge in everything he lays his hand on, he is a person with diverse interest and has been involved in providing solutions for complex audio and acoustic requirements in Churches, Restaurants, Pubs and more.

If you do not know what to do with your little corner you have set aside for music, he is the one you should consult. He can help you design your audio space in the most effective and innovative way beyond imagination. His long list of expertise also include Recording mix for bands and provides Mastering and Training in live sound and Studio.

A biker by passion, he loves to venture out on road trips when he gets enough time for leisure. His love for music keeps him engaged and at bliss major part of his day.

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